Monday, March 15, 2010

America's Story

Age 5
Spina Bifida

St. Francis Health Center

When America was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, scoliosis and club feet, it was clear she'd face tough times in life. But no one knew then just how tough this little girl could be.

She was told she’d never be able to sit up, crawl, talk or feed herself. They were wrong. She sat up on her own at age 1 and crawled on her arms soon after. Before she was 2 years old she was happily chatting away. But there is one thing she won't do: America will never say "I can't." Instead, she takes her time and continues to try.

America, 5, has her own customized wheelchair, and people in her community are amazed at how smoothly and quickly she zips around. She teaches everyone she comes in contact with that being in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't be independent and as happy as anyone else. America loves to dance in her chair and does gymnastic moves on her therapy bars at St. Francis Health Center. Her family has been told that America is going to change the wheelchair world. After every barrier she's already broken, it's safe to say that America will make those changes and more.

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